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Fun on the slide!
Fun on the slide!

Best of Arlington 2014
Best of Arlington 2014

Fun on the slide!
Fun on the slide!

Feedback for P&E!

Porter had just one word for how the evening was: AWESOME.  She is fabulous.  How do you find so many wonderful sitters?!  It is truly amazing to know what good hands the kiddos are in - it makes for a very enjoyable night out, even if it is just to go to a school event.    

                                                                                   -Jenny F.



So this was our first non family/friend babysitting experience (we have a 2yr old and a 6 month old) and it was amazing. On time, professional, friendly, and responsive. The problem with dear loved ones was that our schedules just didn't work out and with P and E that isn't a problem. 

                                                                                     - Sarah M.

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