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About Us

Portia Moore

Founder and Owner of

P&E Babysitting

I am an Arlingtonian through and through. I attended Long Branch Elementary School, Jefferson Middle School, and Washington-Lee High School. Having received my Bachelors of Science and a Master’s in Education, I am a proud Hokie, member of Virginia Tech’s class of 2008; and alumnus of Marymount University.


I realized my passion for children and their care at the early age of 13 years old when I began my babysitting career. My academic background is in science and education. I have learned over my years that when coupled together: childcare and education, creates a  healthy environment needed for child development.


I own P&E babysitting and STEM Preschool


When hiring sitters, I value and seek out those that possess the following qualities: patience, energy, intelligence, and nurturing. These are important qualities, and some of my strengths, that I believe make sitters highly effective and valuable as they care for your children.

I look forward to providing your family with the best quality childcare.

I always welcome questions and comments. Please feel free to contact me at any time!


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