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DeNisha Jackson 


Hello, my name is DeNisha but I go by Nisha. I was born in 1989 off of a small island in Japan called Okinawa. I lived there for 2 years, then moved to Germany for a little over 5 and now I reside in Clinton, MD. I've been working with children for at least 16 years. I'm the second oldest of 8 girls and I have tons of nieces and nephews so I've been surrounded by children my whole entire life and I absolutely love every moment of it. I've worked in a daycare setting, school setting, before and aftercare, I babysit, petsit and also nanny. I've cared for children from birth to age to school age. I went to school for Early childhood development, special education and dance. I'm currently working on my business management degree. I have my own dance and tumbling company. I've been a tutor and ran my churches childrens ministry for 5 years. I am very respectful, energetic, patient, reliable and responsible. I love children and I believe that we can learn and grow from each other. While working with children I enjoy teaching them gross motor skills, performing arts, sign language, Spanish, German, Japanese, Latin, arts and crafts and science. I love creative play because you really get to bond and learn so much about each individual child. I love the outdoors. I love sports and I play most of them. I believe that safety and trust is my top priority then everything else will fall into place. I love building different bonds with each child because they are so different and amazing in their own way. I look forward to meeting new faces and helping your child grow and develop in a safe, positive, and healthy way.

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