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Why register with P&E?

The majority (about 90%) of P&E Babysitters are my close friends, referrals from close friends (who have known them for a number of years) and/or previous babysitters. P&E babysitters have completed background checks following application.  ALL of P&E babysitters are interviewed, have several referrals, have a college education, are fluent in English, and have 3+ years of babysitting experience.  It is important to P&E that parents have a selection of quality babysitters that can provide a safe, fun, and educational environment.


We invest a lot of time in finding babysitters for our families.  I, personally, stay in close & open communication with each of them.  It is important to keep P&E’s services at an optimal and pleasing level. We have amazing customer service and live for positive feedback. Register with P&E Babysitting today! 

“Kim was AWESOME. She is the third sitter we have used through your service, and we've been impressed with all of them. Kim brought the biggest smile with her to our front door (and still had it when she left!), and our son, Sam, seemed intrigued by her. She was extremely brave, in that we told her that she wouldn't have to try to put Sam to sleep (he had never had a non-parent try to put him down), but that she could . . . and surprisingly, she did. While Sam didn't fall asleep for her (not surprised at all), she did an amazing job trying. We will definitely request Kim, specifically, for our next outing, whenever that may be.”


                                                                    - Sarah and Grant G. 


 Benefits of Registering with P&E :


  • We do the legwork of finding a babysitter.

  • You can contact current P&E clients for referrals.

  • Affordable Prices.

  • Ongoing support. 

  • No fees for last minute requests. 

  • Personalized service to each of our clients.  

  • Over 300 registered clients! 

  • We handle the taxes for babysitters.

  • 10+ Years of experience!

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