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Full/part-time nanny request placements: 


To provide flexibility in regards to scheduling and paying your nanny:

Instead of paying P&E weekly/hourly there is a one-time placement fee that includes an 8-week trial period with a full year commitment and a 4 week trial period with a half year commitment. The trial period is extended to you in order for your family to have the opportunity to make sure that the nanny/babysitter of your choice is a good fit. 


OPTION 1: Placement Fee Option for full/part-time nanny requests without payment and tax services:

Through this you do not pay P&E Babysitting per hour, resulting in significant savings to the family, as well as to allow flexibility via direct payment to the nanny and scheduling with your nanny/babysitter.


For full time/part-time placements the nanny becomes a household employee and you are responsible for filing your taxes accordingly.


OPTION 2: Placement Fee Option for full/part-time nanny requests with payment and comprehensive tax services:


With this option you will be able to have all the joys of having a Nanny without having the tedious job of calculating hours worked by Nanny, paying your Nanny directly or having to worry about calculating taxes each pay period or during tax season. P&E Babysitting will do this all for you!


In addition to the one-time Nanny Placement fee, there is a $200 comprehensive service charge per tax quarter + employer fees. Invoices will be sent out each week with a breakdown of hours worked by Nanny and are to be paid online.



The one- time placement fees are listed below:

*Long Term Consistent Nannying Requests Placement/Referral Fees

(Referral fee does not include nanny salary/price per hour) 

Full Time (30+ Hours) = $2500 

Part-time (12-29 Hours/11 Hours or less)

= $1500/$650

Summer Placement

(May/June-August/September)= $1100

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