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Yohanna Canales 

Yohanna pande.jpg

Hi! My name is Yohanna, and I was born in 2000 and mainly raised in Arlington, Virginia. I’ve been working with children since 2015. I volunteer at my church regularly as a youth student aid- while there I taught kids individually as well as teaching bigger classes of 20 or more students. In 2015 I started school at VCU. I originally went in as a pre-nursing major, but eventually switched my major to education. I am taking a break from VCU, and continuing my education at NOVA. I also work as a lifeguard at Washington-Lee high school. I am bilingual, I speak English and Spanish, as well as a little bit of ASL. I love interacting with children, especially making arts and crafts. I love working with children because they make me remember that life is fun and it’s ok to be goofy and light hearted!

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